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PayPal Digital Goods Subscriptions with PHP

Recurring Payments with Digital Goods for Express Checkout is the 8 word name PayPal chose for their most convenient subscription product. The verbose name is a good indicator of the API’s complexity. It’s actually quite easy to integrate Digital Goods subscriptions. We … Continue reading

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CSS Selectors for HTML5 Input Validation

If you are using the new HTML5 input types like input[type=”email”] and input[type=”url”], you will discover their automatic validation bubbles in Chrome. Soon after spotting them, you will likely want to change their style. The good news is, Chrome makes selectors available as discussed … Continue reading

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Will OnSwipe Save Advertising?

JLB’s presentation at Demo Day makes my inner ad-nerd excited. I love advertising. I don’t mean pop-ups, pop-unders, dog-ears, CPU chewing flash banners and all the other menacing forms it has taken in the last decade. I mean great creative campaigns. Old … Continue reading

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Startup Incubators: the Choice of a New Generation

In 2005, the hacker-saint Paul Graham and other luminaries launched Y Combinator. It was the tectonic shift that set off the incubator tsunami1. Dozens, if not hundreds of incubators have since sprouted in cities around the world. The growth is partly due … Continue reading

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Two Reasons Tumblr is Upstaging

There was a discussion on WPCandy a few weeks ago asking if Tumblr was the new WordPress. Many commenters on the post tout Tumblr’s features, like post formats, as the key to its success. These are only a small part of the … Continue reading

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Will Apple buy Facebook? Or even Google?

Ridiculous right? But with $65 billion in cash, such ridiculousness is becoming a real possibility. The NYT notes: acquisition of Facebook remained a remote possibility. … Facebook, which recently raised $1.5 billion in a financing round led by Goldman Sachs … Continue reading

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