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Cancelling Subscriptions Created with PayPal Standard via the Express Checkout API

PayPal makes it possible to accept payments via just a few pieces of HTML on your site with its Website Payments Standard service. This service includes a Subscriptions button to sell products or services with recurring payments. The trouble is, … Continue reading

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Paul Graham: Why Y Combinator Replaces The Traditional Corporation | Fast Company

Early on, Graham envisioned this network as a “replacement for the traditional corporation.” “You know what’s great about the YC network? It gives the benefit of being part of a large company without being part of a big company,” Graham … Continue reading

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PayPal Digital Goods Subscriptions with PHP

Recurring Payments with Digital Goods for Express Checkout is the 8 word name PayPal chose for their most convenient subscription product. The verbose name is a good indicator of the API’s complexity. It’s actually quite easy to integrate Digital Goods subscriptions. We … Continue reading

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Startup Incubators: the Choice of a New Generation

In 2005, the hacker-saint Paul Graham and other luminaries launched Y Combinator. It was the tectonic shift that set off the incubator tsunami1. Dozens, if not hundreds of incubators have since sprouted in cities around the world. The growth is partly due … Continue reading

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Will Apple buy Facebook? Or even Google?

Ridiculous right? But with $65 billion in cash, such ridiculousness is becoming a real possibility. The NYT notes: acquisition of Facebook remained a remote possibility. … Facebook, which recently raised $1.5 billion in a financing round led by Goldman Sachs … Continue reading

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5 Awesome Companies That Emerged From Crappy Ideas

5 Awesome Companies That Emerged From Crappy Ideas. » A great reminder that a key ingredient for startup success is to be flexible. On my primary product, I’ve made 2 major pivots in 4 months. I’m learning to focus on … Continue reading

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