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Floodaid is the Future is not a charity, nor is it a business. We’re not a non-for-profit or an organisation. We’re merely an international group of like-minded people following a vision and combining skills to create a new type of social network with … Continue reading

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MIT Course on Failure

I just heard about a cool course at MIT – The Fine Art of Failure by Diane Garnick. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the course in MIT’s OpenCourseWare, but I did find a description for it here: The goal of this course is to … Continue reading

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Incubators Sell Mentors

Reading over a few important posts at Startup Lawyer, I came across a post on incubators with a very apt observation: Startups don’t evaluate their participation in an accelerator by asking “Is the $20k worth the equity given up to … Continue reading

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Branching is Beautiful

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I Finally Understand Evernote

I’ve used Evernote for probably 2 years now. I use it primarily as a text editor for all non-code text. It’s not a great text editor, in fact, it’s the buggiest I’ve ever used, but it’s everywhere, so I always … Continue reading

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Crowd Funding WordPress Plugin Development

Over on Speckyboy, Andy Killen just restarted the discussion on rewarding plugin developers. It was a worthy topic of conversation when Alex King raised it last month in his Open Source Motivations post, and it’s a worthy topic now. Why? Well, because we … Continue reading

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