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WordCamp Sydney, July 21-22nd 2012

If you’re in Australia (or Australasia) and work with WordPress, you should get along to WordCamp Sydney 2012. Australia had 2 WordCamps last year – Melbourne & Gold Coast. Both of which were fantastic events full of fun and learning … Continue reading

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Filtering WordPress Search Results by the Page Post Type

Tacking a post_type parameter to any search URL in WordPress filters the search results by a post type. For example: Will return only events which include the terms speak and easy. But when setting the post_type parameter to page, something unusual happens. … Continue reading

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When publishing a post on these days, authors receive a new sidebar alongside their post. The most interesting feature in this sidebar is a game-like progress bar. Arbitrary goals are now being set on to encourage blogging. Publish … Continue reading

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Old Bit, New Bit

The Greeks used fire beacons at the time of the Trojan War, in the twelfth century BC. A bonfire on a mountaintop could be seen from watchtowers twenty miles distant, or in special cases even farther. … The meaning of … Continue reading

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Paul Graham: Why Y Combinator Replaces The Traditional Corporation | Fast Company

Early on, Graham envisioned this network as a “replacement for the traditional corporation.” “You know what’s great about the YC network? It gives the benefit of being part of a large company without being part of a big company,” Graham … Continue reading

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Advanced Taxonomy Queries with Pretty URLs

WordPress 3.1 introduced the best new feature I failed to notice – built-in support for filtering posts by multiple taxonomies. For a post index or custom post type archive, instead of being constrained to queries for one taxonomy like this: … Continue reading

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