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Developed by the Romans around the first century AD, the Codex eventually replaced the scroll and has been termed the most important advance in the history of the book prior to the invention of printing.

Just as the Codex replaced the scroll nearly 2000 years ago, the Blogdex is now replacing the Codex.

Cancelling Subscriptions Created with PayPal Standard via the Express Checkout API

PayPal makes it possible to accept payments via just a few pieces of HTML on your site with its Website Payments Standard service. This service includes a Subscriptions button to sell products or services with recurring payments. The trouble is, … Continue reading

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Advanced Taxonomy Queries with Pretty URLs

WordPress 3.1 introduced the best new feature I failed to notice – built-in support for filtering posts by multiple taxonomies. For a post index or custom post type archive, instead of being constrained to queries for one taxonomy like this: … Continue reading

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PayPal Digital Goods Subscriptions with PHP

Recurring Payments with Digital Goods for Express Checkout is the 8 word name PayPal chose for their most convenient subscription product. The verbose name is a good indicator of the API’s complexity. It’s actually quite easy to integrate Digital Goods subscriptions. We … Continue reading

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CSS Selectors for HTML5 Input Validation

If you are using the new HTML5 input types like input[type=”email”] and input[type=”url”], you will discover their automatic validation bubbles in Chrome. Soon after spotting them, you will likely want to change their style. The good news is, Chrome makes selectors available as discussed … Continue reading

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Priority -1000 for WordPress Hooks, Actions and Filters

I recently came across some code which set the priority parameter for an add_action() call to -1000. I’d never seen a negative number, or such a large number used for a WordPress action or filter’s priority. Turns out, it’s actually necessary to use such … Continue reading

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Git to SVN: Automated WordPress Plugin Deployment

During my daily commutes through Version Control land, I’d gladly never leave Git’s bountiful pastures. Alas, to deploy my WordPress plugins, I must check-in my code to a Subversion repository on There are a few tutorials floating around the web which … Continue reading

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