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Proposal: an Open-Source Zaarly Clone in Node.js

I want to use Zaarly. But I know it won’t come to Australia any time soon. I want to learn node.js. But to really learn it, I have to build something in it. This is the type of coincidence of … Continue reading

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WordPress Admin Page Template for Balsamiq Mockups

I put the word out on Twitter for some Balsamiq Mockup templates for WordPress Admin Pages. Anyone know where I can get a WordPress Admin template for @balsamiq Mockups? — Brent Shepherd (@thenbrent) March 16, 2011 Within minutes, I had … Continue reading

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How to Allow Administrators to Edit Users in a WordPress Network

Jason Conroy of _FindingSimple emailed me today to ask if I knew how to allow site admins to edit the profiles of other users. I hadn’t even realised administrators couldn’t edit users! That’s because it relates only to WordPress networks. In … Continue reading

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The Web Without Facebook

I live in Vietnam where the government block Facebook. I knew Facebook was rife, but seeing content disappear all over the web has still surprised me. It’s amazing just how much of the web is now pulling data from Facebook servers. … Continue reading

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Word Spectrum in Mac OS X

One of my favourite features in Mac OS X is Dictionary. And my favourite part of Dictionary is the thesaurus. Apple uses the Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus, which comes with a nifty tool called Word Spectrum. Word Spectrum lists synonyms between … Continue reading

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