Filtering WordPress Search Results by the Page Post Type

Tacking a post_type parameter to any search URL in WordPress filters the search results by a post type.

For example:

Will return only events which include the terms speak and easy.

But when setting the post_type parameter to page, something unusual happens.

Publicly Queryable Pages

When you request only search results that are pages, you’ll get results of all post types. This comes about due to the publicly_queryable value for pages being set to false and a bug in core (Trac ticket).

There is an easy fix, just set publicly_queryable to true. For example:

 * Sets the 'publicly_queryable' value of the page post type to true
 * so that search results can be filtered by page.
 * @author Brent Shepherd
function eg_make_pages_queryable() {
	global $wp_post_types;	

	$wp_post_types['page']->publicly_queryable = true;
add_action( 'init', 'eg_make_pages_queryable', 20 );

Changing a setting directly on the global is not ideal, but I couldn’t find an API function for changing the publicly_queryable or any other post type setting. Did I miss it?

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