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Proposal: an Open-Source Zaarly Clone in Node.js

I want to use Zaarly. But I know it won’t come to Australia any time soon. I want to learn node.js. But to really learn it, I have to build something in it. This is the type of coincidence of … Continue reading

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The Web Without Facebook

I live in Vietnam where the government block Facebook. I knew Facebook was rife, but seeing content disappear all over the web has still surprised me. It’s amazing just how much of the web is now pulling data from Facebook servers. … Continue reading

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Incubators Sell Mentors

Reading over a few important posts at Startup Lawyer, I came across a post on incubators with a very apt observation: Startups don’t evaluate their participation in an accelerator by asking “Is the $20k worth the equity given up to … Continue reading

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Branching is Beautiful

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Choose Your Own Adventure

A company sold one of its web properties two weeks ago for $90 million. That normally wouldn’t concern me, except that same week, they launched the world’s first site to implement an idea I’m also working on. Whenever I conceive … Continue reading

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Starting a Business is a Misnomer

When I was 22, fresh out of university, I set out to start a business. I spent a lot of time creating a company brand, thinking about the management structure, writing the marketing plan. The type of stuff you do … Continue reading

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