Proposal: an Open-Source Zaarly Clone in Node.js

I want to use Zaarly. But I know it won’t come to Australia any time soon.

I want to learn node.js. But to really learn it, I have to build something in it.

This is the type of coincidence of wants that fuels open source. And I think an open source Zaarly clone would be totally gnarly. So here’s the pitch.


A proximity based, real-time node.js app. Released free and open source, so hackers everywhere can create one of these frictionless, buyer driven marketplaces for their city – without waiting for Zaarly to come knocking. It takes a lot more than code to build a marketplace, but it’s a start.

I’d love to see it powered by Twitter, so anyone can tweet: “I’d pay $___ for ___________ @local_clone” and voilà, the app picks up the tweet, takes its location, publishes the request and works some other magic. But that’s all the specifics which will work out in the curly braces.


Because I want a Zaarly in my city, and I know they’ve got a lot bigger fish to fry before they bring it down under. And I think there are thousands of cities in the same boat.

Open source is the ideal model, because this whole distributed, real-time networks thing has a greater capacity for distributing geography-coupled apps around the world faster than a central firm.

But mostly because I think it would be fun to build.


48 hour hackathon? TBA

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4 Responses to Proposal: an Open-Source Zaarly Clone in Node.js

  1. Abhinav Sarangi says:

    Did you get around to building the web app. Would love to hear if you did.

    • Brent says:

      No, it has been added to the pile of cool ideas without the time or resources to implement it. If you start to build it, let me know – I’d love to contribute!

  2. Kodo City says: is the zaarly for the Australian market.

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