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Developed by the Romans around the first century AD, the Codex eventually replaced the scroll and has been termed the most important advance in the history of the book prior to the invention of printing.

Just as the Codex replaced the scroll nearly 2000 years ago, the Blogdex is now replacing the Codex.

How to Allow Administrators to Edit Users in a WordPress Network

Jason Conroy of _FindingSimple emailed me today to ask if I knew how to allow site admins to edit the profiles of other users. I hadn’t even realised administrators couldn’t edit users! That’s because it relates only to WordPress networks. In … Continue reading

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Add your Latest Tweet to DotNetNuke, Including Retweets

It’s easy to add your latest tweet to a DotNetNuke website, you just need to add a bit of HTML to your skin templates. Continue reading

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Custom Post Type Archives in WordPress 3.1

When I released Prospress last year, it used a contrived system for creating an index of auctions. This was necessary as WordPress provided no standard method for creating an index page for custom post types. Now that 3.1 is just around … Continue reading

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How to Insert a Tick into a Google Spreadsheet

Want to insert a tick mark, like this ✓, into a Google Spreadsheet? It’s easy, just copy this tick ✓ and paste it into a cell. Or if you’d prefer it heavy, copy this check mark ✔. Sometimes such simple … Continue reading

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Google Analytics Broken in DotNetNuke 5.6

If you suffer the cruel affliction of a DotNetNuke website, you may find your Google Analytics charts flat lined around November or December of 2010. DotNetNuke 5.6 introduced a bug in the analytics code, fortunately, the guys from Interactive Webs … Continue reading

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My Git Workflow

A longtime Subversion user recently asked me for tips on switching to Git. A sort of “top 5 commands I need to know to get going”. Having only recently mastered this beast, I gave a few more than 5 commands … Continue reading

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