Crowd Funding WordPress Plugin Development

Over on Speckyboy, Andy Killen just restarted the discussion on rewarding plugin developers. It was a worthy topic of conversation when Alex King raised it last month in his Open Source Motivations post, and it’s a worthy topic now.

Why? Well, because we haven’t solved the problems yet.

Producing a Solution

Lately, a fellow plugin developer and I have spent our nights and weekends thrashing out potential models for a solution. These generally revolve around some combination of crowd funding new development, like a kickstarter for feature requests, and using subscriptions for premium support services, based on the bbpress plugin. This would all be tied together with the Prospress marketplace plugin which I develop.

It’s a complex problem that can only be solved with an entirely new and elegant system. We haven’t conceived a suitable model yet, but once we do, we’ll be releasing whatever we come up with as a plugin on Extend. The more help we get, the sooner that day will come.

You Can Help

The WordPress plugin community is tremendous. I know both plugin users and developers want to see this community continue to thrive. So if you want to help solve the problem it faces, get in touch.

As a plugin user, you can give us details about how you’d like to support plugins. It would really help us settle on a model.

Plugin developers can help us understand their pain points. And if they believe in the idea like we do, help build the thing.

If you want to help, contact me.

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8 Responses to Crowd Funding WordPress Plugin Development

  1. felipe says:

    hello guys we have create a plugin take a look.

    you can contact us for more details

  2. Sefo says:

    Hey! I’m interested in the idea. Someone had done yet? May be I can help.

  3. felipe says:

    Hello Sefo , Hope to finish the template this week…sorry for delay

  4. Anthony Todd says:

    I’m still looking for a wordpress plugin for a crowdfunding platform that uses PayPal Adaptive Payments API with chained payments. In other words- the payment is split between site and receiver. All or nothing funding projects over a fixed time. Anyone?

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