MIT Course on Failure

I just heard about a cool course at MIT – The Fine Art of Failure by Diane Garnick.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the course in MIT’s OpenCourseWare, but I did find a description for it here:

The goal of this course is to develop the skills necessary to identify, analyze and optimize the learning experience from failures. … students will discover how to recognize early warning signs for failure. Signals will vary both in terms of intensity and lifespan, enabling students to explore the possibility of either modifying a plan or moving forward and subsequently gaining the best possible experience and insight from the failure at hand. … Learning Objectives:

  • Identify potential and actual failures in their early stages
  • Use shared experiences to analyze potential paths to mitigate emotional and financial losses
  • Develop, evaluate and implement recommended options for preventing, reducing and responding to failures

Apparently Garnick will be the only person ever to study at one Top Ten MBA school (University of Chicago), while teaching at another. Too cool.

Thanks to bodyhacker for making just about the only blog post on it, including a link to this video interview with Diane Garnick.

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3 Responses to MIT Course on Failure

  1. bodyhacker says:

    Diane Garnick. has a great facebook page as well.

    How one looks at failure will be impacted by whether they believe in the fixed or growth mindset. If you have a fixed mindset, then failure is not viewed as the learning opportunity that it is.

    You might like the work by Carol Dweck as well, author of Mindset. Good luck!

  2. hominid says:

    Thanks for the link. I reached here upon specifically searching google for ‘failure course’. I think failures can teach us much more than success stories do.

    Nothing like a course that tells stories of failure. Have you got links to any other material on failure that is available for free?

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