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Filtering WordPress Search Results by the Page Post Type

Tacking a post_type parameter to any search URL in WordPress filters the search results by a post type. For example: Will return only events which include the terms speak and easy. But when setting the post_type parameter to page, something unusual happens. … Continue reading

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When publishing a post on these days, authors receive a new sidebar alongside their post. The most interesting feature in this sidebar is a game-like progress bar. Arbitrary goals are now being set on to encourage blogging. Publish … Continue reading

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Advanced Taxonomy Queries with Pretty URLs

WordPress 3.1 introduced the best new feature I failed to notice – built-in support for filtering posts by multiple taxonomies. For a post index or custom post type archive, instead of being constrained to queries for one taxonomy like this: … Continue reading

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Two Reasons Tumblr is Upstaging

There was a discussion on WPCandy a few weeks ago asking if Tumblr was the new WordPress. Many commenters on the post tout Tumblr’s features, like post formats, as the key to its success. These are only a small part of the … Continue reading

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Priority -1000 for WordPress Hooks, Actions and Filters

I recently came across some code which set the priority parameter for an add_action() call to -1000. I’d never seen a negative number, or such a large number used for a WordPress action or filter’s priority. Turns out, it’s actually necessary to use such … Continue reading

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Git to SVN: Automated WordPress Plugin Deployment

During my daily commutes through Version Control land, I’d gladly never leave Git’s bountiful pastures. Alas, to deploy my WordPress plugins, I must check-in my code to a Subversion repository on There are a few tutorials floating around the web which … Continue reading

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