WordPress.com Business Users: eCommerce Has Arrived!

It’s incredibly exciting to see WordPress.com offer eCommerce, but a real shame to see the many excellent open-source options snubbed – especially those built specifically for WordPress.

A good sign that there are many great opportunities for a hosted WooCommerce (and hosted Easy Digital Downloads for that matter).

Update: after reading Chris Lema and Brian Krogsgard’s excellent posts on the matter, I now suspect WordPress.com would actually prove to be the perfect hosted WooCommerce and hosted EDD. As I mentioned on Chris’ blog:

With the exception of WP e-Commerce, none of these WordPress plugins have an official hosted service yet. I think that’s because their greatest selling point is in being fully integrated with your WordPress site …. A hosted WooCommerce alone wouldn’t do that and ultimately, wouldn’t add that much more value than Shopify or Bigcommerce.

WooCommerce inside WordPress.com is a whole other story.

WordPress.com News

We’re thrilled to announce that, starting today,  WordPress.com Business users can connect their sites to their online stores. With three leading ecommerce partners to choose from — Ecwid , Shopify , and ShopLocket — you can showcase, promote, and sell products to your customers directly from your site.

If you’re already a WordPress.com Business user, or are thinking of becoming one, here’s how the ecommerce feature will power your WordPress.com site.

A simple, hassle-free connection

Users with the WordPress.com Business upgrade already enjoy great features like live-chat support, unlimited storage, and free access to all our premium themes. Now, you can turn your site into a sleek online storefront, and let visitors shop from any post or page. The partners we’ve teamed up with — Ecwid, Shopify, and ShopLocket — all provide a smooth and secure ecommerce experience for you and your customers.

Connecting to your store is…

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2 Responses to WordPress.com Business Users: eCommerce Has Arrived!

  1. Hi Brent,

    We have one service here in Brazil offering hosted WooCommerce, http://maxistore.com.br.
    I knew they had plans to use their own forked version starting at WC 2.1, but have not confirmed it.

    Anyway I do agree with you, it is exciting to see WordPress.com offering ecommerce.


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