The Limits of Anonymity

On the back of yesterday’s post about Anonymous Blogging, Ryan Markel has posted about the Limits of Anonymity on

He mentions the privacy policy:

We keep the following private data about sites and users:

  • The email address used to create a blog
  • The IP address from which the blog was created
  • The date and time when a blog was created
  • The IP addresses from which blog posts have been published
  • The email and IP addresses of anyone who has left a comment on a blog

I’ve got to say, those are surprisingly trivial limits. I’m impressed by just how little private data Automattic is keeping.

Yet another instance of Automattic doing what seems good for customers before what’s good for the bottom line. This strategy appears to be paying off though. grew by 6 million new blogs in 2010 and had a 53% increase in pageviews.

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